Greetings all,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Many folks make resolutions for the new year. This year, I'm taking inspiration from a friend of mine in Houston and publishing a Christmas letter.

These updates are approximately in chronological order. Buckle in!


I got promoted at work!

Everyone: "Big whup, buddy!"

No seriously! This one is exciting.

I've been dreaming about a real chemical engineering role ever since college. A "real chemical engineering role" is what the textbooks teach you about. I'm finally helping run a reactive chemical process!

Before this (most of my career), I've found myself in "stepping stone" roles. These jobs were engineering jobs in operations where I mostly got things done by sheer force of will, rather than any specialized training. After spending four long years studying for my specialization, I can finally say I'm using my education.

I'm enjoying it so far and getting lots of leadership opportunities at the same time. This job has been a long time coming. I'm excited to move my career forward. It's fulfilling to have achieved my career goal I've been working towards for over 7 years!


Much more importantly, Claudia and I got engaged! I bought the ring with the help of Momma in April and asked Claudia on May 7th. We had a morning walk to a new park I found the week before when Mom was in town. It's this tiny residential park that has an enormous tree right in the center. When I saw the tree I was struck by its size and intricacy. A moment of beauty in nature that can only represent the highest things in life – intertwined life with ones you love, harmony with the world around you, and setting down roots to allow for growth all around you. I decided I would bring Claudia there to ask her to start a life with me.

And she said yes!!


This is us at a different park later in the day


And we had a lovely Italian dinner at Damian's that evening


Happy newly-engaged Alec and Claudia

Claudia Moved to Texas

Once we got engaged, it was time to set our eyes on the future. We knew that we would join our lives together now, and step one was joining each other in one city. We had been discussing it for a long time, but found the quickest way to living in the same city was Houston, TX. Claudia got a job with Academy Sports and Outdoor. Congratulations to her for the venture into demand planning!

Claudia's New Job

Claudia has been working hard to make a good first impression with the new colleagues at Academy. She's in charge of licensed apparel. That means she takes care of the demand planning for NCAA, MLB, NHL, and MLS / World Cup merchandise. One of the vendors Academy buys from was generous enough to buy me and Claudia World Series tickets! Here's us at Game 1!


We're at a World Series game!!


Claudia took this selfie!


I'm excited still, we've got a chance to win!!!


Aaaaaand Astros lost. We look tired

We might not be good luck charms for the Astros when we go to the game. But that didn't stop the boys in orange from winning the World Series in 6! Houston we have a Championship. Go 'Stros!

Marriage lookahead

So that's some of the highlights of 2022 for Claudia and Alec. What's next for us? We are working hard to plan a wedding for late 2023 (or early 2024 if venues don't cooperate!). We're going to be married in Houston, TX; most likely at our church Holy Rosary Parish. After that we're going to have a bangin' party! We'll keep you up to date about the date and specifics for the reception.


2022 was an eventful year to say the least. There were so many important events that it would take a much longer letter to detail. In short: Life is good.

We both want to say to you all, we love you and cherish you. Loved ones are incredibly important to us both, and it's been wonderful seeing family and friends this year. If we missed anyone, we'd love to host you in Houston in 2023. The Houston Rodeo is a wonderful opportunity to visit in March!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and much love and prosperity in 2023.

Love, Alec and Claudia